Big Buck Outfitters, Inc. hunts deer primarily in Wyoming Region C and Region Y. License draw success varies a little from year to year, and is generally 100 percent for both regular and special licenses. Big Buck Outfitters, Inc. hunts antelope primarily in Wyoming Areas 15 and 109, with a standard 100 percent draw on the regular license.

Wyoming has implemented a preference point system with regard to elk licenses. This system will allow for planning the year of license draw. A hunter may choose to apply every year for only a preference point until the year when enough points to draw have been accumulated. For 2012, it appears that two to four points should be sufficient to draw the areas of operation for Big Buck Outfitters, Inc.

The whole system for issuing Montana deer and elk tags has been changed. It will take some time to sort it out, but the bottom line is all licenses are going to general draw and a preference point system. Visit the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks website for up-to-date information.

In both Wyoming and Montana, the game departments must receive the license applications on or before March 15 of each year. Postmarks do not work – receipt by the departments is the key. The only two exceptions are Wyoming elk with a deadline of January 31 and Montana antelope with a deadline of June 1.

Kansas licenses are issued on a draw basis using a preference point system. Applications are due April 30. The price in 2011 was $322.15 for a buck deer permit. The vast majority of applications are drawn with no points, and at most, one preference point ensures a license draw.

Please see the state web sites for more specifics:

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